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Surgical Instruments

Surgeries are an important aspect of medical science. Surgeries have been performed by surgeons since time unmemorable. The history of surgery goes many centuries back. In those days there was no advanced equipment or technology to perform the herculean task of a surgery, hence it was a painful, tedious and sometimes a dangerous affair. In the modern times the situation has changed completely. Thanks to the advanced technology we now have great equipment and surgical instruments to perform the toughest of surgical operations with precision and accuracy.

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Here are two of the important surgical instruments and their details…

  1. Proctoscope With Obturator Slotted

Regular non slotted proctoscopes may turn out to be inconvenient at times. Proctoscope is definitely more user-friendly in comparison since it is slotted and well designed. Proctoscope are specially used in proctology cases.

For carrying out a proper diagnosis and efficient surgical operation, it is very vital to get a clear view of the tissues. The slotted proctoscope provides a major assistance in this task as the slots help the surgeon to have a clear sight of the tissues as compared to the non-slotted instrument.

During any surgery safety of a patient is a must. The edges of the instrument should be non-traumatic. Proctoscope with slotted Obturator totally fulfils this requirement and it also can be autoclaved and sterilised for reuse.

At Surgical Wagon we provide you with a great quality proctoscope with obturator slotted in small, medium, large and EX large sizes.

  1. Towel Clip Ball And Socket Type 

An important quality of any surgical instrument should be safety. A surgical instrument should not be harmful to the doctor, user or the patient. The Bachuas type towel clips or the cross action type of towel clips have sharp ends which are harmful. The biggest advantage of the Towel Clip Ball and Socket type provided by Surgical Wagon is that it has non-traumatic ends, hence it is totally safe and not harmful.

It doesn’t tear or make any holes in the linen due to the non-traumatic character it possess. Thus avoiding damage to the linen and saving the cost. Due the cup and ball shaped ends of the instrument it is able to firmly hold the linen. Like other towel clips it has a very firm grip and is easy to be maintained by CSSD. It can be manufactured in various sizes such as 4” or 5” or 6” thus making it possible to be used in all general, paediatric, gynaecologic, cardiac, vascular, ENT, ophthalmic, neurologic, urologic, plastic, oral and laparoscopic surgeries.

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